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  • The Silverstone Experience

    The Silverstone Experience

    With the imminent VIP Opening of The Silverstone Experience, cube_design visited the project that many had been involved with and discovered that you don’t need to be a petrol head to enjoy a visit.  

    A building designed to encapsulate the history and excitement of motor racing, from its humble beginnings to the finely tuned racing we see today.

    The building, designed around the original 1940 hangar building, is filled with a walk-through history utilising an innovative representation of speed, history of the circuit, displays of memorabilia, hands on interactive participation, the spoken word and written documents and an appreciation of old and new.

    The building is designed for your visit to flow; starting on the grid styled introduction, you can follow a pre-determined Silverstone track around the exhibition which has been sectioned into various categories on the first floor whilst viewing the tantalising array of memorabilia on the ground floor, finishing with a real-life experience of driving on the Silverstone circuit.  Not one for those with a sensitive disposition!

    Steel, chrome and glass reflect the contemporary feel of the building with the piste-de resistance of a full-sized Formula 1 car suspended from the ceiling at the entrance.  

    Every detail has been carefully considered with the finished building creating a tapestry of the history of motorsport and a clear circuit into the future.

  • Goodbye / Hello

    cube_design are sad to say goodbye to Jakub as he starts his Part 2 at the University of Plymouth; and are pleased to welcome Edan in his place, as he commences his Part 1 workplace placement with us.

    Edan completed his Part 1 studies at the University of the West of England (UWE).

  • 4539cf183336eab9-TSE.jpg

    So excited to see our Silverstone Experience Building develop. The cladding is stunning and is like a chameleon! With the sun shining on the building it just keeps changing colour!

  • The ‘Residences at Silverstone’ Gets The Green Light

    The ‘Residences at Silverstone’ Gets The Green Light

    Sixty high specification residences and a clubhouse are to be built at the Silverstone race circuit, the globally recognised home of motorsport. ‘The Residences at Silverstone’ will be made available for short term rental and will be managed under a hotel operating model. The Residences will offer priority use of the circuit and are designed to attract individuals with a passion for motorsport from all over the world.

    The masterplan for the site sees four different types of building sitting within a generous 14-acre landscape. Raised landforms, swales and extensive planting will create features around which each residence is arranged. Careful positioning will maximise views of either the track or rolling countryside, whilst maintaining privacy for occupants.

    A clubhouse at the south-end of the site will provide guests with a gym, treatment rooms, track- briefing area, simulation room, concierge, and restaurant and there will be a bar to promote social interaction amongst like-minded visitors. A roof terrace will sit directly above the most exciting complex of corners on the circuit.

    The scheme gained Outline Planning consent in May 2018 as part of the wider Silverstone Circuit outline approval. Today the Local Planning Authority Committee voted to support the Officers’ recommendation to grant approval of the Reserved Matters Application and delegate to the Director of Planning.

    Further details on the development will be provided over the next couple of months and this will include the anticipated timeline for completion and opening.

    DEVELOPER: Frontiers Capital (Silverstone)
    DEVELOPMENT PARTNER: Silverstone Circuits
    ARCHITECT & LEAD CONSULTANT: Twelve Architects
    MASTERPLANNING: Twelve Architects & Illman Young Landscape Design
    LANDSCAPE: Illman Young Landscape Design

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