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3d visualisation

3d visualisation

cube_design's dedicated 3D design team utilise the highest technology to develop 3D perspectives, animations, videos and films. Our designs are developed in 3-dimensional form enabling us to immediately consider the massing, bulk and form of buildings.  We pride ourselves in utilising these 3D capabilities to talk and walk our clients through and around our designs, allowing them to fully comprehend the buildings and their design elements at every stage of their development. This is an essential design tool and an integral part of the design development process.


cube_design prides itself on presenting all of its design-work in the highest quality of graphic representation. This includes having designed our own letterhead, stationery, website, practice profile and calendar, along with presentations for schools and commercial operations to secure funding and political support.  We consider the branding and identity of any organisation, scheme or concept as integral to our design solution.

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